We offer laminate, marmoleum, granite, & veneer

top finishes to suit all your needs. Also, ask about

our custom finish matching.

V E N E E R    S K E T C H E S

Wood veneers available in oak, walnut, cherry, maple, and

mahogany. Other wood species are available per request

as are special veneer sketch faces.

V E N E E R    I N L A Y S

We now offer 26 decorative inlay borders to customize

your table or furniture piece. These beautiful inlays are

crafted wood veneers. Choose from a variety of wood

such as walnut, cherry, maple, and other exotic woods

3 D    L A M I N A T E

OMNOVA's decorative laminates offer the true-to-life

look of natural woodgrains, rugged granite, rich marble

or contemporary designs in durable sheets of vinyl and paper.


E D G E    P R O F I L E S

Choose from our 21 different edge treatments. Wood edges are

available in solid red oak, walnut, cherry, maple, and mahogany.

Other wood species available upon request. Natural and three

standard stains (light, medium, dark).

S T O N E    T O P S

Stone is by far the most durable of all surfaces available in the

furniture industry. With it's extra ordinary natural beauty, and the

many choices in colors and edge profiles; You are assured a one

of a kind piece of funiture.

C A P A C I T Y   C H A R T

The following guide will help you determine how many people will

comfortably fit around each size table. Table dimensions are

listed in the left-hand column, followed by the optimum number of

people who may be comfortably seated. The third column, “space

per person,” is the shoulder-to-shoulder width

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