Curved Plywood Products

R.J. Woodworking has recently expanded it's product capabilities with the addition of ' High Frequency' Pressing equipment. We are very excited with this technology and the ability to offer more product and services to our customers here is a glimpse of how it works and the products we can now produce in our own shop.

Glue Process

In House Capabilities

CNC, CAD, Design Services, Advanced high frequency pressing process, digitizer, custom finishing and over 30 years experience in furniture and wood product manufacturing.

Advanced High Frequency
Pressing Equipment


CNC - Cutting Curved Back

Finishing Process

Final Products

Finish grade plywood seats, seatbacks, and curved panels for many applications including: auditorium furniture, institutional, occasional seating, store fixtures, display and yatching industry. We offer quality wood products in maple, oak, and cherry as well as special request
veneer species.

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